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How to Find Cheap Web Hosting

Written By: Kidpreneur
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HostingAs you know, I am an advocate of earning extra money with blogs. And when it comes to blogging, hosting is something that is essential. Choosing a good web host with decent prices is though these days.

It’s normal to just focus on the prices when choosing a plan for Web hosting. However, also consider that there are a lot of hosting providers in the market. Even if you’ve already determined how much you are willing to spend for the plan, you would still be left with a list containing dozens of hosting companies.

After you have set your mind to get cheap hosting ( those that are less than $`10 a month), then ask yourself this question:

What other considerations should I have in choosing a cheap web host?


Free setup

It seems pointless to be charged for a set-up fee when there are plenty of hosting providers in the market. Consider, that there’s little to be done in the creation of a new hosting service. This is particularly true if one is to use a shared hosting service. Basically, the hosting company is just squeezing out money from you when they charge a set-up fee.

Unlimited space and bandwidth

In the past, web hosting that comes with unlimited space and bandwidth would cost so much. But its different now. The market is filled with service providers that can provide either unlimited space and bandwidth or will let you upgrade the space and bandwidth for free.

Minimum 30 days to review the service

Just because its cheap web hosting doesn’t mean it also offers money back guarantees. Take note that a lot of them are cheap since clients have to keep the services for a year or more. It is still recommended that you choose a host that can offer a 30-day money back guarantee, unless, you are already decided to keep the service of a particular web hosting firm.

Tech support that suits you

How much do you use tech support and what kind of support do you prefer? Are you the kind who wants someone to talk to over the phone when you encounter difficulties?

If this is the case, then don’t choose a host that only has a 24 hour online chat support. Consider that a lot of low priced hosts may have the knowledge bases as well as FAQs found online, but they may not have that one-on-one support. If you intend to go with webhosts that are like this, then ensure that you know how to locate the support and that it is indeed useful to you.

Also, keep in mind that email support will only work if everything is working well. But if your domain is down, then how can your email reach support?

Features you require

Do you require a database with PHP? Then keep in mind that getting a host which doesn’t include this in your package wont be advantageous for you.

Never mind also that they can provide you with an upgrade. Converting your package in the future might be hard.

Many Cheap Hosting Plans are Cheap in Package Deals

Cheap hosting often are bundled for a number of months or years. Simply put, they would cost you, for example, $4 a month if if you purchase a bundle that will last until 36 months. But it would cost you $15 per month if not in a package deal.

If you are unsure if you should pay that high amount immediately, then be sure to consider how much it would cost per month if you pay it each month.

Paid Surveys: a Real Way for Stay at Home Parents to Make Money?

Written By: Kidpreneur
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Female-on-computerIf you are like me, on a tight budget and always looking for ways to earn a few extra dollar, I am sure you have heard of a site called www.swagbucks.com (read more about it here and learn what swagbucks are). It’s one of those paid surveys sites. Increasingly, there seems to be more people taking on legitimate paid surveys to make money.

One obvious attraction of online paid surveys is that survey takers can do work without leaving their homes. By doing so, this generation of new workers not only find an additional income source, but they would also save money as they are not required to commute to work everyday.

There is no shortage of people willing to embrace to this job opportunity which is why sites like surveypolice and surveysatrap (a paid surveys review kind of sites) are so popular. It is an excellent option for stay-at-home moms and school going students to make that extra pocket money, as they spend time tackling those survey questions in their spare time. There are also those people who take this as a full-time engagement and some have gone on to build an excellent career out of survey participation

The proliferation of Internet does not just present opportunities to those highly skilled in computer or networking technologies. As illustrated above, even common folks can get a lift with this brand new world. Essentially, members of paid survey panels get paid in exchange of their opinions on the company’s product or service.

There is at least one good reason why companies want to conduct such market research projects. With the promise of low cost and wide accessibility, traditional advertising and promotions have been channeled to the Internet. It is in the company’s interest to see how the promotions and advertisements being received by the public. By engaging an “external” agent to run market research, the company has successfully freed up a significant in-house cost.

The people who are involved in such projects are collectively known as the focus group. The task is to provide feedback and opinions about the company’s product or service. The benefits to the originating company are twofold: first, it gets the necessary marketing exposure, and secondly, it receives critical information for further product improvement.

Such solicited online opinions provide immediate and continuous feedback to the companies and product manufacturers on how the product and/or marketing campaign fares in the public eyes, so as to allow them to make necessary improvement.

Compared to the old ways of doing marketing research, the current online approach tends to involve a lot more people (easily in the region of thousands). This in turn has brought about immediate opportunity of decent income to these participants.

With increasingly more business transactions going online, there is now a greater urgency to canvass international opinion about products and services. This further opens up the flood gates for international survey takers across countries.

It is easy to get yourself started. Search for keywords like “legitimate paid surveys” “paid surveys online” “authentic paid surveys” etc. on your search engine such as Yahoo or Google. The results returned would give you a lot of options to work on.

As online marketing research gets more popular and popular with businesses, it is natural that some unscrupulous operators would want to use the paid survey panels as a cover for their fraudulent activities. Don’t become an easy prey; always do your research before signing up with anybody and never make any upfront payment to any survey website when being asked.